Programs are individually tailored to the Veteran and partnered Animal. Select a category below and be introduced to the implementation process.

FAQ’S – Animal Supporter

Can I donate to sponsor a horse or dog?
Does H4HUS adopt out animals to anyone other than veterans?
Where do Horses used in the H4HUS programs come from?
Do H4HUS horses live outside?
How are horses maintained?
How are dogs maintained?
How does H4HUS know horses are safe?
How does H4HUS know dogs are safe?
Where do canines come from for programs?

FAQ’S – Military Veteran

How are veteran programs funded?
Do veterans have to speak about feelings?
How long do veterans participate in equine programs?
Are these programs offered in a private environment?
How do canine programs help veterans?
How do equine programs help veterans?
Do veterans get reimbursement from insurance for these services?
Do veterans pay for equine and canine services?
At the end of the program, do I get to go home w/a horse or dog?
Do I have to travel?
Are meals, accommodations, travel included?
Will I need to room with people I don’t know?
I have special needs (mobility, dietary, vision or hearing-impaired, etc.). Would I be able to participate?
I’m a Veteran. Do I need proof of military discharge/honorable discharge?
I’m active duty. How can I be pulled out of my duties to participate?
Do I need to be in good physical shape?
Do I need to bring anything specific? What type of clothing is required?
Is riding the horse required/included in the equine program?
What is my overall expected time commitment?
What can I expect in a typical day in the canine program?
What can I expect in an equine session?